Sunday, November 18, 2012

In a Galaxy Far Far Away

aye, there is something familiar about his tarten

Like taking candy

Dad, did you wear my tights to Renfest again?


No, I meant the other Michelangelo

Wild and Crazy Guy

Hey I think I just saw Steve Martin

Wrong Millenium

Sorry, wrong millennium dude 

Catholic Girls School?

Do you think they both go to the same Catholic Girls School?

La Grange

Nope, A ZZ Top beard and a pointy hat doesn't make you Merlin

Feeling Horny...

Plastic Viking horns are not a costume,

Grandpa Funky's Groovy Closet

Raiding your grandfather's closet is not a costume

Friends don't let Friends...

A bad beer can ruin an otherwise good costume

Naked is not a Costume

Naked is not a Costume

Oh miss....

A good wench is hard to find

Naked is not a Costume...

Naked is not a Costume

It's Good to be the King

It's Good to be the King

Girls from Ipanema

It's like Carnival, just less nake

A towel is a not a kilt

A towel and a flannel shirt is not a kilt.

Mad Hatter

So what is the costume, the hat or the coat?

Oh my dear god!

Seriously, just Oh My Dear God!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Naughty is not a Costume

Naughty is not a costume

Your Girl Friend's Skirt is not a Kilt!

Just because your girl friend's skirt is plaid doesn't make it a kilt

No, Not the Red Shirt!

Seriously, Star Trek at Ren Fest?, and why would you want to be the red shirt in a place where a lot of people are carrying swords!

Where's Waldo...

Waldo is not a costume

Jeans and body paint are for football games

Stripping half naked and painting your body blue is for football games, it's not a RenFest Costume

It just takes more than...

It just takes more than a tail, animal hat, and weapons to make a good costume

That's what's wrong today..

That's what's wrong these days, too many gangs of sword wielding kids in kilts

Naughty is not a Costume...

Yes, there was a France in the middle ages, but I don't think naughty French maids where period.

I'm not thrilled...

Zombie Micheal Jackson is not a costume