Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm Tripping!

Tripping psychedelic tutu and leggings
Oh wow, the colors!

Where's Waldo

Where's Waldo costume at the Texas Renaissance Festival
What's the renaissance with out Waldo?

Naked is not a Costume

I'm pretty sure those aren't real authentic lederhosen

A Tutu is not a Costume

I'm pretty sure he lost a bet

Leather on Leather?

Granny in Skimpy Green Leather
How would like this to be your grandmother?

In a Galaxy Far Far away....

Princess Leia and Storm Trooper in the Sea Devil Tavern
No Luke, you can not take on Dead Bob all by yourself

Naked is not a Costume

A slim blond woman wears tiny shorts sporting lots of tattoos
Naked is not a Costume

Naked is not a Costume

Naked is not a costume

Return of the Mummy

What's that crap wrapped around his ankles?

Naked is not a costume

Steampunk and smiles

This combination just makes no sense to me, but its not a costume!

You Can't Get a Good Costume at Cabellas

Dude, opening season is weeks away

Twisted Sister

We're not gonna take it, Dee Snyder is not a costume

Dr. Livingston I Presume?

Just what are some people thinking?

Number 1, get me out of here

Is that also an official Star Fleet Communicator?

Leaping Lizards

Dragon pajamas are not a costume

Toga, Toga, Toga!

Nope, wrapping a sheet around you isn't a costume

A Skirt is not really a kilt

Nope, just because you support breast cancer awareness I can give you a pass, a skirt is not really the same as a kilt

A Tutu and a Tiara are not a costume

Nope, a tutu and a tiara are not a period costume for the Renaissance.